Chiropractic Remedies for Back Spasms

redondo beach chiropractic treatment for back spasmsCramp, pinch, stitch, Charley horse…a spasm by any other name would feel just as awful. Any time you experience a muscle that suddenly constricts, almost violently, painfully, and completely involuntarily is considered a muscle spasm.

Muscle spasms are even more horrible when you experience them in your back, especially if you’re already suffering from chronic back pain.

Causes of Back Spasms

If you experience back spasms, there’s generally a reason why. Spasms are one way that your body is telling you that something is wrong or that there’s some type of imbalance; either in your spine or in your nutrients. Several things could be blamed for your frequent back spasms. The primary triggers of back spasms tend to be:

Outside of living an active lifestyle, you may be experiencing back spasms due to a physical disorder such as:

  • Spinal misalignment
  • Herniated spinal disc
  • Spinal stenosis 

Chiropractic Treatment for Back Spasms

First and foremost, if you’re experiencing back spasms, it means there’s an issue. Either you’re doing too much too quickly or without proper training or you’ve got a more serious issue festering under the surface. Seeking out chiropractic treatment for back spasms is the first step into diagnosing the root of your discomfort.

Chiropractic physical therapy, massage, or acupuncture is an effective treatment for tense muscles that are a result of overexertion. But, if the source of your back spasms is due to a physiological issue like the examples listed above, you most definitely need to seek chiropractic treatment for back spasms. Spasms mean that something in your body is off and allowing the nerves in your back to remain in a compromised state for too long can cause permanent damage to your body. Not only that, but back spasms are painful and treatment can help alleviate that discomfort. 

How to Prevent Back Spasms

While back spasms are a literal pain, the good news is that preventing back spasms is possible. Aside from back spasms caused by injury or ailment, back spasms can be prevented by keeping your body active and nourished with the following:


Performing core exercises isn’t just for those of us looking for a “beach bod”. Keeping your core in tip top shape provides your back with much needed support and helps to prevent back spasms in the first place. Also, incorporate stretching into your lower back exercises to increase flexibility. The more pliable your muscles are, the less likely they’ll be to spasm when making a sudden movement.


Properly nourishing your hard working muscles is one more way to keep them in a relaxed state at all times. Be sure you’re drinking plenty of water and incorporate Sodium, Calcuim, Magnesium, and Potassium into your diet whether through proper meal planning or by taking a multivitamin.

Sleeping Position

Your sleeping posture can also have an impact on your back and either cause or help alleviate back spasms. 

Do you tend to sleep twisted up like a pretzel or on your stomach? Maintaining proper sleeping posture helps tremendously in reducing back spasms. Seemingly innocent (and comfortable) positions can wreak havoc on your lower back and strain back muscles for prolonged periods of time. Tonight, pay attention to your body and if you think find yourself guilty of improper sleeping posture, change your position for a few nights and see how big of a difference it makes for you.

Although these tips work for most people suffering from back spasms, every person is different and could be enduring what could end up being a much more serious issue. The best advice we can give to someone experiencing back spasms is to schedule a chiropractic appointment to find out the cause of and treat your back spasms.

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