How to Prevent Neck Pain

Many people don’t realize what the expression “pain in the neck” means. Little movements may seem like an innocent enough activity, but when you suffer from neck stiffness and pain, some movements can feel like lightening shooting through your body. An exaggeration, you say? Think again. Whether you have a dull, achy type of pain that keeps you from comfortably getting through your morning meetings or a neck so stiff you can’t check your blind spot, neck stiffness and pain can significantly interfere with everyday life.

What Causes Neck Pain?how to prevent neck pain

Starting with the root of the problem…what causes neck pain? Aside from the obvious cases in which a trauma has occurred (ex. car accident, nasty fall, surgery), the joints in our neck tend to just get plain stiff with use over time. Issues like sleeping posturefibromyalgia and arthritis can cause neck pain as well.

Think of an old, squeaky wheel. That stiffness causes muscles around those joints to spasm while simultaneously weakening others. Our bodies will overcompensate for weak areas by putting too much strain on others to maintain a smooth operation. Unfortunately for us, Mother Nature isn’t as flawless as we’d like to believe. What’s more is that this muscle tension can lead to other problems. If you experience tension headaches or migraines there’s a strong chance they’re related to whatever is going on with your stiff neck.

How to Prevent Neck Pain

So, what about the things that you can control? First things first. How’s your posture right now? Are your shoulders schlumped over, neck jutting forward? Sorry, but you can’t point to involuntary muscular adjustments here. Your posture is one of the most common contributors to a sore neck. And not just your waking posture either. Your posture while you sleep may be what’s making your neck so out of whack. It sounds kind of kooky since we associate posture with standing upright. But if you think about it, whether standing, sitting or sleeping, staying in an unhealthy position for long periods of time is going to do some serious damage. If you wake up with neck stiffness and pain, you may be connecting the dots right about now.

Repetitive movements or sitting in one position too long or looking down at your phone can also add to the severity of the sufferers condition. Carrying heavy loads like backpacks or bags can also cause neck pain. Exercises can help alleviate and prevent neck pain by keeping the muscles strong and joints flexible. Check out this post for exercises to relive neck pain

Seeking chiropractic treatment for neck pain should be at the top of anyone’s list who suffers from this condition regularly. Through gentle spinal manipulation, your chiropractor should be able to begin the process of relieving some of your discomfort. In addition, you’ll receive valuable information about things you can do at home like neck stretches and neck stretching techniques that will help prevent that pain and stiffness from being a prevalent factor in your daily routine.

Chiropractic treatment for neck pain is a safe and effective way to treat chronic neck pain. If you’re in the Redondo Beach area and looking for a quality chiropractor, request an appointment and see how we can help your neck pain. 

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