Redondo Beach Chiropractor for Migraine Relief

A common source of pain for many people is headaches. Headaches, especially migraines, can be tremendously frustrating because, unlike the pain of a strained muscle or a twisted knee, headaches are often recurring and unpredictable. This makes it hard to make plans—you never know when a migraine will strike, putting you to bed for an entire day with the shades pulled down!

A variety of both over-the-counter and prescription medications may help temporarily relieve headache pain, but they rarely offer any hope of a cure for the underlying cause. All medications carry the risk of dangerous side effects, and research has shown that simple non-prescription medications can even cause headaches in some cases, especially with long-term use. Chiropractic treatment for headaches offers a natural treatment for migraines and a holistic solution to this chronic problem for many people. 

What is a migraine?redondo beach chiropractor migraine treatment

Not much is known about the exact cause of migraines. Genetics and the environment seem to play a part in their development. They may also be related to changes in the brainstem or chemical or hormonal imbalances.

Migraine headaches are often triggered by environmental factors, such as:

  • Foods: Processed food, salty food, and aged cheese are common migraine triggers. Food additives like aspartame or MSG are also triggers for some people. A nutritionist may be able to help you identify foods to avoid that trigger migraines.
  • Certain drinks: Wine and caffeine can bring on a migraine 
  • Light or noise: Bright light or loud noise can cause a headache. 
  • Odors: Unusual or strong odors, like paint or perfume, are sometimes migraine triggers 

Even a change in the weather or a poor night’s sleep can bring on a headache. Migraines often begin with some type of warning—called an “aura” that signals their onset. The headache that follows can be very severe and unrelenting. 

Chiropractor for Migraines

Chiropractic care can be important in treating migraines. Studies have suggested that chiropractic treatments may play a part in preventing or reducing these headaches through adjustments and manipulations of the neck and spine. The nerves control tension in the vascular system, and by reducing inflammation in these areas, tension is reduced and vascular flow is improved.

Migraines and other headaches, whether they are caused by vascular changes, muscle tension, text neck or cervical neck pain, sinus congestion, or eyestrain, all cause pain and disruption in our lives. They can start behind or over the eyes, on the top of the head or on the sides, or in the back of the head. Maybe they are preceded by an aura, or maybe they’re not. The severity of a headache can range from a mild, annoying ache to nauseating, throbbing, and severe pain that lasts for days.
Some people believe that all severe headaches are “migraines.” This isn’t true. Studies have shown that chiropractic treatment for headaches that are primary can be very effective, and can provide last relief. Often, people who suffer from chronic headaches will obtain relief with chiropractic in only a few treatments, as muscle tension is relieved and irritation to nerves is reduced. 

Chiropractic treatment can naturally help with many types of headaches—both primary and secondary headaches:

  • Primary headache: This kind of headache is not caused by another disorder or illness—it starts on its own. Migraine headaches and muscle tension headaches are common types of primary headaches. 
  • Secondary headache: This type of headache starts as a side effect of another problem or disorder in the body, such as a severe headache due to meningitis. 

Natural Treatment for Migraines

Holistic chiropractic treatment for headaches uses an approach that is natural for your body. A chiropractor will help you look for answers that can provide lasting relief, rather than just temporarily masking your headache pain with medications.

These treatments help break the pain cycle by realigning the skeleton and releasing muscular tension.  Prevention often plays a major part in the natural treatment of migraines. Your chiropractor will work with you to develop an individualized program of gentle stretches or exercises, make suggestions for how to improve your posture, or provide instructions in relaxation techniques. Your chiropractor for migraine relief can also work with you to identify your headache triggers and provide advice on vitamins, nutritional supplements, and a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Natural treatment for migraines provided by achiropractor plan may include:

Holistic chiropractic treatment for headaches provides a natural and comprehensive way to deal with what can be an unpredictable, stubborn, and overwhelmingly frustrating type of pain. It can provide you with the opportunity to be in charge of your plans. Call your chiropractor for an evaluation and migraine chiropractic adjustment and take back control of your life today!

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