Redondo Beach Chiropractor for Athletes

redondo beach chiropractor for athletesIf you’re an athlete, you know that occasionally you suffer from muscle soreness and even more severe injuries.

This is why many athletes make seeing a professional chiropractor a part of their training programs—to ensure every muscle and joint is right where it should be. If you’re an athlete or an active individual, here are some of the benefits you could receive from visiting a chiropractor.

Performance Enhancement

Since chiropractic treatments improve range of motion and flexibility, athletes attribute their treatments to an improved athletic performance. For example, chiropractic treatment can help improve your golf game. People who play golf require a healthy range of motion and a great deal of flexibility in their backs, hips and shoulders. If these athletes are not properly adjusted, their swing could be off making it difficult to get that hole in one.

Sports Injury Prevention

Often times, athletes will be at a higher risk for injury because their musculoskeletal system is a bit out of sorts. With muscles and joints not moving properly, the body tends to make concessions and enlists the help of other muscles to get the job done. The problem with this is that it goes against the natural movement of the body and increases risk of injury. Sports also test balance—if you have balance issues, a chiropractor may be able to help.

Your body was designed to move in a very specific way and if something is disrupting that, the chances of becoming injured increase. If an athlete regularly visits a chiropractor, they’ll be less likely to endure sports related injuries as their bodies will be performing at optimal levels.

Sports Injury Treatment

If you happen to experience an injury, a chiropractor would be able to help get you back into fighting form more quickly than if you opted out of seeing one.

Some of the most common injuries a chiropractor will be called in for are:

While seeing a chiropractor won’t get you out of strength training, it will help you increase your strength a bit. A study preformed on martial arts athletes showed that after undergoing regular chiropractic treatments they’d increased their grip strength. This could be particularly beneficial for athletes playing baseball, tennis, golf, football and basketball.

It should be clear that seeing a chiropractor delivers fantastic benefits to athletes at all performance levels. Whether you’re suffering from an injury, looking to prevent injuries or would like to improve your overall performance and health, you definitely should be seeking out a professional chiropractor. If you’re in the Redondo Beach area, Catalina Medical is ready to help you achieve your goals and keep you healthy while doing it. Give us a call today and or request an appointment online.

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