Chiropractic Care and Aging

chiropractic care and agingThe feeling has become all too familiar. The tightness in your back, the difficulty you have reaching your feet to put on your socks. As we age, common place activities begin to challenge us in ways they hadn’t before.

While you may have thought this was simply a part of life and something you’d need to live with, it most definitely is not the case. Regularly seeing a chiropractor can help with several problems related to aging. Here’s how chiropractic treatment can help you with common conditions that happen as we age. 


Those who suffer from arthritic pain often tend to lower their activity levels as a result. But, keeping up with regular activity and seeing a chiropractor for arthritis are ways to help you manage your disease.

The first course of action is a standard chiropractic adjustment. Placing undo stress on joints due to being slightly off center can aggravate symptoms of arthritis. Having your chiropractor readjust your alignment will help make sure you’re evenly placing pressure on all joints in the body.


If you have pain radiating in your lower back or gluteus area that feels like it’s radiating into your legs, you very likely could be suffering from sciatica. Sciatica is characterized by a pinched sciatic nerve and is prevalent in older individuals due to decreased core strength and spinal compression. This condition can cause a great deal of pain and discomfort if it goes untreated.

Chiropractors can help with sciatica through adjustments, physical therapy, massage or medication, amongh other things. The main focus of treatment is on increasing mobility and strengthening the muscles around the spine.


As we age, balance often suffers. Poor eyesight, inner ear issues, coordination and reflexes can easily cause people to topple over and fall. Chiropractic treatment can help you with your balance, by increasing flexibility and also aid in helping some of the common issues that are related. 

Recovery from Falls

Taking a spill here and there is bound to happen because as we age, balance issues develop. Coming back from them, however, can be quite difficult if not under the care of a medical professional.

Physical therapy after an injury is standard practice and can be attended to by your chiropractor. Through gradual strength building and increasing your flexibility, your chiropractor can have you back in fighting shape in no time.

Keep in mind that the best way to avoid injury is to take preventative precautions such as visiting a chiropractor to help with one of the core issues that leads to spills: your balance.  Maintaining proper alignment, staying centered with good posture, keeping up your core strength and increasing your flexibility enables you to react more effectively to unintended quick movements or trips.

Knee Pain

As our joints age with us, the cartilage cushioning them begins to wear thin. One of the primary causes of knee pain in older patients is osteoarthritis which can be quite debilitating if left untreated. Chiropractors can help with this chronic knee pain by performing alignments on the knee, ensuring the bones are meeting at the proper place in the joint.

If you’ve found yourself getting up in the morning feeling more stiff than ever before or are experiencing pain while participating in everyday activities, make an appointment with your chiropractor. If you’re in the Redondo Beach area, Catalina Medical is ready to take your appointments and start you on the path to better health.

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