Chiropractic Treatment For Better Balance

redondo beach chiropractor for balanceGood balance seems to be reserved for young children and Olympic gymnasts. The rest of the population, not so much. Having good balance is a tricky thing and only gets worse as we age. Before you know it you’re getting thrown off kilter simply by turning to look over your shoulder.

What Causes Balance Issues?

While there are a great many things that can cause issues with balance like physical trauma, advanced stages of pregnancy or illness, more common catalysts for poor balance come with advanced aging. Other common causes of balance issues are:

  • Vestibular system failure: This is a fancy way of saying that our inner ear is losing its ability to determine the position our bodies relative to our surroundings
  • Eyesight decline: As we age, our ability to focus begins to wain which effects our depth perception and, ergo, our balance
  • Blood pressure issues: Uneven blood pressure contributes to the feeling of dizziness which can make it difficult to standup without feeling uneasy about your footing
  • Reflexes/coordination decline: Losing your coordination may cause more frequent stumbles and with slower reflexes you’re probably not able to catch yourself in time

So what do you do when you lose your balance? How do you avoid what seems to be inevitable?

How to Prevent Poor Balance


The leading remedy for poor balance is exercise. Strengthening core muscles  is an excellent way to ensure that the next time you’re feeling a bit wobbly you can count on a stronger core to whip you back up onto your feet.

Chiropractic Care

Visiting a professional chiropractor can help you in your quest for better balance. Chiropractors are actually able to help with inner ear problems such as free-floating calcium deposits in the inner ear causing vertigo which no doubt could be adding to your balance issues.

Also, if you’re suffering from a chronic musculoskeletal issue, your balance is likely being affected. Chiropractors are able to help you restore regular movement and flexibility with physical therapy. Allowing your body to move properly and react with greater ease to sudden special adjustments greatly improves your balance.

Holistic Treatment

Another method for treating chronic balance issues is with acupuncture. While there are studies that prove acupuncture benefits patients with balance issues due to trauma, others are still convinced that this eastern medicine has helped them with a variety of issues.  Anecdotal evidence abounds from patients crediting acupuncture with having helped with various problems such as chronic pain.

Living with poor balance may be something that naturally happens as we age, but taking preventative measures like scheduling a chiropractic appointment before the problem gets too bad should be on your radar, especially if you’re already exhibiting signs of poor balance. 

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